6 mar. 2014

Multi Tile V-Ray Dirt Baker 1.0.0 for Autodesk Maya

[ #Maya #Python #Texturing #Vray ]
Developed by artist based in Toronto, Canada - Andrew Chan, V-Ray Dirt Multi Tile Baker is a tool that will bake out V-Ray Dirt based off a min and max UV Region set by the user. The baking object needs to combined as one piece and should be the only object in the scene because it bakes out a map for each object in the scene file.


- Creates a shader with VRay Dirt texture and assigns it to the selected geometry.
- Renders out the VRay Dirt maps based on the Min & Max UV range. (Geometry selection required)
- Cleans up names of the maps and updates the output render image to be UDIM friendly.

Demo video:


Multi-Tile VRay Dirt Baker works on Windows/Linux/MAC with Maya 2014 & V-Ray 2.40.01 

Copy or move the "andrewc" folder into a Maya source script directory. If an "andrewc" folder exists, copy the contents of the folder to the existing folder.

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